Living The Art

Mary Burmeister states that in the awareness of the moment, one’s present state of being will become an Art of Living.
This class provides a broader background through which students can share, practice and perhaps teach the simplicity of Self-Help,
through a detailed exploration of Mary’s three Self-Help books in combination with our understanding of Text 1 and 2 of the 5-Day training.


March 11- March 13, 2022
Living The Art**
Singen, Germany
Language: German
Organization: Karin Weick
Phone: +49 (0) 7731 827735

September 23- September 25, 2022
Living The Art**
Hellwege/ Bremen, Germany
Language: German
Registration and questions:
Marlis Schaklewski
Phone: +49 (0)4264 370 424

** Prerequisite is attendance of at least three 5-Day Basic Seminars and Self-Help Courses.
 The completion of the Living The Art class is prerequisite for teaching Self-Help.