“Thank you for the fabulous course you gave. I like your energy and enthusiasm, just hope I’ll also be able to reach that point and integrity one day.”


“I learn from your style of teaching…you are focused, you have a good pace, and you put the information in ways to make it understandable.  You have patience and good humor.  I look forward to taking more of your classes.”


Each basic text seminar consists of two parts: Part 1, the foundation, introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 Safety Energy Locks, the Trinity Flows, the concepts of Depths within the body, and the Physio-Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Interspersed with lecture are ample periods of hands-on application. Part 2 (prerequisite: Part 1) introduces the 12 Body Function Energy, listening to pulses, the Special Body Function Energy and how these contribute to harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

July 20 – July 24 2022
Isny-Allgäu, Germany
Language: German
Organisation: Josef Schrott & Helga Geggerle
Email: josef-schrott@t-online.de
Phone: +49 8383-1092

April 27 – May 1, 2023
Gmunden, Austria
Language: German
Organisation: Manuela Apuchtin
Phone: + 43 699 888 14 956
Email: manuela.apuchtin@jsj.at