Special Topic Classes

The Special Topic Classes give the opportunity to look at a specific Jin Shin Jyutsu subject in a more detailed and profound way. It offers a chance to study and amplify relationships among the many aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu in a flexible format which can vary in size, number of days, and subject matter.

Jiro Murai once said very wisely: First breathing, then the fingers and only afterwards the rest.

November 16 - November 17, 2019
Special Topic Class: Body Reading and Pulse Listening*
Pittenhart near Traunstein, Germany
Language: German
Organizer: Christa Steinbacher
Phone: +49 (0)861 12804
Email: christa.steinbacher@web.de
Co-Organizer: Susi Mikeleit-Dzial
Phone: +49 (0)861 1664113
Email: susijsj@web.de

* Prerequisite is attendance of at least one 5-Day Basic Seminar